Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring into Winter

I usually avoid talking about the weather. But, in Dubai, at this time of year it 's hard not to appreciate it every minute of every day. We have such balmy, miserable summers, that the winters are, in contrast, heavenly. Every part of my body sighs and relaxes into this blissful state as soon as the weather cools and I can spend more time outdoors. I say winter, but it's really spring.

Everything and everyone wakes up at this time of year in Dubai. Children play outdoors-- laughter, bikes, games of catch and hide and seek. Birds coo regularly. They flit from tree to tree, showing off their bright colors. The sea beckons with its large, cool, bright blue waves swishing and swooshing to the shore. Dubai's outdoor cafes and restaurants finally begin to bloom as people fill them up with quiet evening conversations.

I love Dubai at this time of year.

A haiku attempt:

gentle Dubai breeze
dozing in the warmth of sun
sighing in my soul

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